You are Significant

The Search for Significance.

I am so loving reading this book and getting to share it with a group of Ladies. One thing that has really spoken to me is that we are ALL God's masterpiece. I have always heard that and I am very familiar with the verse in Ephesians 2:10. I just have not been applying it to my life and knowing it deep in my heart. I was recreated in Christ Jesus. AND I did not do anything to deserve it. NOTHING!  That simply means to me that HE loves me. I cannot prove my love back to him to get him to love me.

SO then why do we try to 'prove' ourselves to others? Why do we get so caught up in what others think about us...or that they might not like us because of this or that? Are we not that confident in the LORD when He has already died for us and said YOU ARE SIGNIFICANT!

What if we went thru the day today feeling significant for Christ? How would that change our way of thinking, acting and re-acting to certain people or circumstances.

Women..  How does that effect your relationships?  What if we reached the point of believing God for the truth he has for us instead of the lies from Satan? Would we then except how we are loved thru Christ? What does that look like? Well according to the bible here are just a few ways how Christ loves us...

  • He is our protector- 
  • He is our provider- Jehovah Jireh
  • He is our Rock
  • He is our Strength
  • He is our Shield
  • He will not abandon us
  • He is now here - Jehovah Shammah 
  • He is ever loving
  • He is eternal
Now who can take that away from you?  Who are we that we deserve such love?  We did nothing for it. It is a free gift of those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ (Romans 6:23)  

ON the flip side of that, maybe you are holding people to your standards. Maybe you have made someone feel less significant then what God has made them. Christ is the head, not us. He knows the heart...not us. We are called to love Christ and love others. (Luke 10:27) If we do not think we are significant then how can we help others to see that they are significant? Step back and look to see how you view God and if you truly believe that YOU are significant...then pray and ask God to open your eyes that you may see those around you as being significant.

 Christ knows us and loves us. The truth is that NO ONE can take that away from us. Not a man, not another woman's opinions about us, not in our performance of what we did or did not do. 
Regardless of all these things... YOU ARE SIGNIFICANT!!!


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