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The Lovely

My two year old, Eli, drags me out to the back porch. I do not really want to go. I think of all the excuses, but he wins. He has on his sweet boots and sweat shirt and a baseball cap. He is adorable. I am still in my lounge clothes. A long sweater. Yoga pants. No make up.

Today is a sad day. My dear dear Aunt is dying. She is getting closer to drawing her last breath on this earth. My heart hurts. It is heavy. I wiped tears from her eyes just yesterday. I say thank you to God. I am blessed to have been a part of her life. I am blessed because I know her.
Eli wants to play with bubbles now. I pour them in the bubble machine and watch as a thousand bubbles fill the crisp cloudy air. He is so excited. I am still.    I imagine. Today I have spiritual eyes. There are a thousand souls floating up. She may be one. Floating. Enjoying the space around her. Free from being held down. Perfect. Perfect. God holds these. They are right with Him. Free.

I think about my own death. …