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What God has taught me this week!

My emotions are crazy sometimes.  Yours??  We get really caught up in what we feel is real. Sometimes I let the enemy attack me because I agree with him on issues I think are real. Examples would be.. I have never accomplished anything....I will be alone.....Im not very smart...I fear....I fail as a parent/coworker/friend..  Just a few to make you think. Why do we let oursleves do this. Agree with the enemy. He wants to take us down. To make us less effective for the kingdom of God.

So here are somethings God has taught me this week. Im so excited to share them with you!!! They seem pretty random.. but I think they need to be said/heard.

1) Jeremiah 29:11 You know the words "For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord.." 
Did you also know that in some translations 'plans' is translated 'thoughts'.  In Psalm 139:17 says 'How vast the sum of them'  Talking about God's thoughts about us. He thinks of us. I heard a preacher this week put …