Every Effort

“Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace and mutual edification” Romans 14:19

You may have been yelled at, treated wrong, or accused of untruthful things. Or maybe you have been the one doing the yelling and treating others wrong. Maybe you think you have the right to say and do certain things because of what has happened in your life.

Paul is telling us in Romans 14 about the Christians in Rome and about how they were judgmental and critical of each other. If you read the whole chapter you find out that some of the Romans thought it bad to eat only vegetables and some did not and so on and so on. Why would this be in the bible for us? Who cares if they did or didn’t eat meat or vegetables?
Paul’s point is this… Do not pass judgment on others.
Paul says in verse 19 therefore, because of these things, make every effort to live at peace…God knew how hard it was going to be... we were all made so different. Therefore (because of these things) make every effort to live at peace. What? Even if I don’t agree with what they are doing? Yes.  Even if they tell lies about me? Yes. Even if I know they are wrong? Yes. You mean when I have the chance to be nice or to respond out of emotion I should try and keep my mouth shut …just to live at peace. Yes.
God used this verse in my life when I went thru my divorce. My ex husband said some pretty mean words, as I am sure I would say right back. God would gently remind me to make every effort to live at peace. Was it hard?  You bet. Did that mean even when I couldn’t stand to see him at one of our boys sporting events that I should offer to buy his lunch? Yes. Every effort to live at peace. Every effort. 
Well I will tell you that the Lord blesses obedience. I spent every effort trying to live at peace, and do you know what? It has been seven years and we are at peace. We are good friends and our boys are reaping that reward.  Was it hard? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes. My friends I plead with you…Make every effort to live at peace.


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