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This I Know

Its been a little over 3 months since I last wrote a post. I usually only write when I feel led too. Since my Aunt died I just haven't really had anything come to mind that was worthy of writing about. I am not depressed.. I don't have writer's block.. I just haven't had anything to put down. Even now I struggle to find words to describe what I am feeling/ going through.   Last week just days after having my thyroid removed I found out that the results are cancerous. This put me right back in the hospital for another surgery to remove the other half which also showed to have cancer in it.  I have a good prognosis so far and will have radioactive iodine in a few weeks. First I will have to try to survive without artificial thyroid hormone or a thyroid for a few weeks. It is good to get my TSH numbers up so that the radioactive iodine will be most effective in killing out all remaining thyroid cells. If you need more info on thyroid cancer and treatments you can check i…