A Thankful heart is a HAPPY heart

While sometimes I am not very joyful..I  feel like it is a matter of where you are in your thankfulness.  Last night I was kinda bummed. My boys went off on a "family " weekend with their dad's family..it always bums me out some because I can't enjoy that with them. I can however choose to be thankful that they have a wonderful time and family with their dad and his wife and little sister.

This morning in the shower I could really feel those raw emotions and the pitiful me's trying to take over again. I just started praising the LORD for who HE is and what He has provided for me..lest I forget.

He has provided a place for the boys and I to be safe and taken care of. He provided our condo and it's maintenance free yard.(hallelujah!!) He has watched over me to help me make good decisions and HE has forgiven me and wrapped His arms around me. Knowing and thanking HIM for all that HE has provided is turning my blah's into a GREAT anticipation of the things HE has for me. SOMEDAY I know He will provide that loving, godly, grace filled, man who sees me as a precious gift from the LORD. Just as my father and grandfather see me. MY Heavenly Father knows all my hearts desires. I will continue to let HIM lead my life and follow HIM. I will continue to give HIM praise and be thankful.

As the "Veggie Tales" song reminds me.. "A thankful heart is a happy heart.. I'm glad for what I have ..that's an easy way to start..."

Start being thankful today and let the JOY of the LORD fill you up like only HE can!! 


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