A New Year..Some new goals!

We all set out to have new goals for this year. What are yours?  Here are a few of mine.
  1.  To start a blogspot and keep posting!
  2. To be more intentional about journaling.
  3. To surrender daily to God's plan for me.
  4. To teach my boys how to apply God's truth to their lives.
  5. To workout more consistantly.
  6. To run a half marathon. (YIKES)
  7. To have a more intense quiet time listening for God's voice.
  8. To have JOY daily.
  9. Speaking at a Christain Womens event ;) , thats more of a dream really..but dream bigger then yourself!!!
Which reminds me I am currently reading to great books I will share with you. Both by Angela Thomas. "My Single Mom Life" and a daily devotional "Choosing Joy".

Choosing Joy-  Mollie


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