Keeping the main things the main things!!!

What is your main purpose?  Your main focus? Somedays I get so busy and caught up in what I am doing, or what my kids are doing that I forget the main thing. The main thing in my life should be my relationship with Jesus. One of the things I am really trying to work on this year is my attitude. I really want to be kind with my words toward others. One of the major factors for this is getting caught up in moments and just saying what I feel and not stopping to say what is right or... to say nothing at all.  In Isaiah 53:7 it is fortold of Jesus that "He was oppressed and afflicted, yet He did not open His mouth.".. Really? He did that for me. I am so thankful!! The least I could do is pause and praise him with my actions. This picture helps me to keep the main thing the main thing. This is Logan. My 5 year old nephew who happens to have down syndrome. He went with his grandparents and his parents to see the Christmas lights at Opryland Hotel last week. They walked around for 3 hours looking at lights and decor. When they went back outside the walked towards a nativity scene. Logan said loudly "JESUS!" and ran up to the ropes as far as he could go and paused to pray to His Savior..While the adults just stood there in awe of this little boy..who was the only one around that took notice of what was truly in front of him. The story of a Savior..born for us.. who would teach us the meaning of  love. I strive to more like Logan this year and pause to give praise to the one who gave himself for me. Who could have spoken out.. but for me and you ..He kept his mouth that we might have eternal life!!
When life seems to crazy this year!! Stop, run to Him and give HIM praise!!


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