“...In quiet and trust is your strength..” Isaiah 30:15 (NIV)

We have all been there. We have either seen it or we have experienced it first hand.
A toddler tantrum. This is my life right now. I tell him “no”. To “wait”. That its “not time to go yet”. He insist that we do whatever he wants right now. He lays in the floor and hits the floor with his little hand. He throws the toy he is holding. He is red in the face and crying loudly wanting me to hear his plea. He thinks in his little 19 month old mind that he knows what's best.
    I am reminded that this is where my walk with the Lord is most of the time. I pray. I wait. Nothing happens. I began to throw a tantrum in my own way. I get angry. I sulk. I skip my quiet time with God because I can't believe that I haven't gotten the answer yet. Its unbelievable I know. I am a grown woman. But I have to ask myself ...How much have a grown in my relationship with the Lord?
    This is a good area to measure that growth in. Isaiah 30:15 (NIV) reminds us that “..in quiet and trust is our strength..” In these verses the Lord was reminding Judah to turn to Him. They were looking everywhere else but to Him.
    When I have a request I am deeply seeking the Lord on I can with assurance know that He has heard me. That He knows what is best for me. That He knows the best time for the answer. He is the same God in Genesis 1 who created the whole world with His spoken word. He breathed life into man’s lungs. He is the same God that Ezekiel, in Ezekiel chapter 1, who saw His throne and a vision of God's divine glory. So radiant that it caused Ezekiel to fall on his face in worship. I read these things and I know that He is the God I can trust. I know because His son Jesus Christ already did the hard part to make a way for me to be able to approach the throne with “freedom and confidence” as it say in Ephesians 3:12 (NIV).
    My toddler is learning. He knows his parent is speaking to him in love, even when I say no. He is learning to wait. He is learning who has authority over him to keep him safe and to know what is best for him.  Me too. I am continually growing in my relationship with the Lord. I know who has authority over me. Will there still be times that I throw a tantrum, thinking I know what is best. Absolutely.. I am human. But I know the best thing is to wait on the Lord. I have seen His goodness and I know He holds me with His righteous right hand. I just need to get out of my fit throwing floor and look up. It’s better that way.  


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