I know I am on a soapbox today and I dont ever do this...and this is not directed towards anyone particular.  #loveGodloveothers...  just burdened by this.. What if we forgave instead of hated?, what if we asked hard questions in love instead of becoming a gossip?, what if we loved unselfishly not wanting in return?, what if we saw others thru the eyes of a Loving God instead of judging?...  I think lots of healing would come to those who hurt. Stop being quietly mad and upset.. Start loving , praying and responding with grace to one another. Stop giving Satan a foothold by hashing up old problems. LET THEM GO! especially if you can't change them. Grieves me to think how many hurting people we are around every day that we gossip about rather then seek to help them!!! :( You wouldnt  judge someone if they had cancer or lost a love one....lots of people hurt because of things they dont have control over...some made poor decisions. Hurting is hurting...not for us to judge....we are called to LOVE ONE ANOTHER.


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