What God has taught me this week!

My emotions are crazy sometimes.  Yours??  We get really caught up in what we feel is real. Sometimes I let the enemy attack me because I agree with him on issues I think are real. Examples would be.. I have never accomplished anything....I will be alone.....Im not very smart...I fear....I fail as a parent/coworker/friend..  Just a few to make you think. Why do we let oursleves do this. Agree with the enemy. He wants to take us down. To make us less effective for the kingdom of God.

So here are somethings God has taught me this week. Im so excited to share them with you!!! They seem pretty random.. but I think they need to be said/heard.

1) Jeremiah 29:11 You know the words "For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord.." 
Did you also know that in some translations 'plans' is translated 'thoughts'.  In Psalm 139:17 says 'How vast the sum of them'  Talking about God's thoughts about us. He thinks of us. I heard a preacher this week put it this way... If you run into someone and they say 'I was just thinking of you..' how does that make you feel..  Well the reality of it is.. That Jesus is always thinking of you!!!  and His thought of you contains HIs plans for you..  So while I hated hearing people come to me in my brokeness and say.. God has good plans for you Mollie.. I love that now!!  It means .. God's thinking of you!!  That I was just on His mind!!  :)  JOY! 

2) One of my favorite verses in the bible ( i realize i prob say that about all of them LOL)..  2 Cor 4:7-18 and my Favortie part of that is.. vs 7. read it slowly... " For we have this treasure in jars of clay..."
to go along with #1.. I have had deep feelings of SHAME!!  because of choices Ive made or how I think people see me because of what Ive been through..  But Christ showed me this week AGAIN this fav verse of mine, that we have this TREASURE in jars of clay. I AM CLAY.. to be molded and made into the image of Christ. We will have ups and downs in this life and I will never be perfect this side of Heaven.. But you know what??   It is not about me!!!  It is about this TREASURE in me!! I want my life to be so bright for Christ that I will not be ashamed.. for people will no longer see me but He who is in me!!!  This Treasure.
What is a treasure??  Something good that is hidden... we need to help others find IT!!!  And in doing that we will lose ourselves!!!  To God be the Glory!!  If it was about me... how sad that would be!!  :(
But I will boast all the more for  the second part in verse 7 says '...to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.'  :)  least we forget .. When I am week.. then He is Strong..YES Jesus loves me!!!!  

Thank you for letting me share with you some of the things I have learned this week. I share them because I want to be used by God  and one of the ways I know He has equiped me for is to encourage others. To persevere no matter what. We really need each other.. We need each other to be real.. to be compassionate.. to be transparent. AND all the more as we see the day approaching. ( Heb. 10:25)

Love you with the love of the Treasure that is in me!!!  Seek Him and walk in obedience!!


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